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Prayer Burdens

The following are some of the current prayer burdens that the saints may bring to the Lord in their personal or corporate prayer; however, the saints should be exercised to follow the leading of the Spirit in their prayer.
  • Burdens related to Europe

  • Thanksgiving Conference
    Please pray for the advance of the Lord's recovery through the release of His up-to-date speaking and the blending of the saints in the Thanksgiving Blending Conference to be held in person in Washington, DC, from November 24 to 27.

  • Bibles for America
    In April of this year, BfA began giving away free physical copies of Basic Elements of the Christian Life, vols.1-3. Since then, over 10,000 of these book sets have been sent out to people all over the country.
  • - Please pray that all those who receive these books would read them and would advance in their life with the Lord.
    - Pray also that the volunteers who faithfully package these book sets would be strengthened and supplied to fulfill the constant stream of orders in a timely way.


  • The conflict in Ukraine

Please continue to pray that:

- The Russian and Ukrainian brothers fighting in the war will be preserved in their tripartite being.

- The Lord will shepherd the refugees and establish them in the church life.

- The local saints, serving ones, and trainees will be blended with the refugees by being through the cross and by the Spirit to - minister Christ to one another for the building up of the Body.

- The saints in Russia and Ukraine will be kept in the oneness of the Body and the reality of the new man.

- The tripartite being of saints in besieged cities will be protected and preserved for the Lord's interests.

- The enemy will be bound in his attack on the Lord's interests in Russia, Ukraine, and Europe.

  • Campus labor - BSU, CWI and Uidaho

Please fight the battle with us in prayer for:

- Solid connections and companionships to be formed with seeking and open students.

- The Lord's shepherding and feeding of new students in Bible studies and large group fellowship.

- The blended labor of the saints in Boise to bear fruit on the campuses.

- That all the saints would pray to have our hearts enlarged to receive the students the Lord brings us and to love and care for them with the loving heart of our Father God.

  • Gospel Meetings

- Please pray for the burden of gospel meetings in Boise.

  • Y.P. and children's work -
    -Pray that the whole church, including parents, serving ones and shepherds, will respond to the burden and vision to participate in the one service of raising up our young people for God and His purpose.

  • GTCA Cities
    - Please continue to pray for the migration of burdened saints and the strengthening of the Lord's testimony in our target cities (Cincinnati and Columbus, OH; Memphis and Nashville, TN; Normal, IL; Omaha, NE; St. Louis, MO; Tampa, FL; and Virginia Beach, VA) and campus teams (Cincinnati and Columbus, OH; Lexington, KY; Pittsburgh, PA; Columbia SC; St. Louis, MO; and Tampa, FL).

  • One Piece Church Life

- for the blended coordination in caring for the young people in the Northwest.


  • ​The various needs of the saints both locally and in other localities.

- Please pray for the health of sister Edith and the strengthening of brother Alberto.

May the Lord heal and comfort them during these difficult times.