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Prayer Burdens

The following are some of the current prayer burdens that the saints may bring to the Lord in their personal or corporate prayer; however, the saints should be exercised to follow the leading of the Spirit in their prayer.

  • Lord, Move Onward in Europe

From June 6 to 9, citizens in the 27 European Union nations voted to select the 720 members of the European Parliament. The new parliament will shape the direction of the European Union for five years on various matters. Politics in Europe will have a big role in preparing the world for antichrist to rise up and for the Lord's return.
- Let us release in prayer on earth the Lord's will in heaven to move Europe in the direction He desires.

Following these elections, the President of France suddenly set French national parliamentary elections for the end of June.

- Petition the Lord that nothing in French politics will hinder His current move in the gospel and in raising up new churches.


  • 2024 Olympics Torch Relay Gospel Trips

Currently, the Torch Relay (TR) trips are paused for two weeks while the torch travels to overseas French territories. The seventh trip will start on June 24 in Strasbourg.

Before the start of the official TR trips, and concurrent with some of them, the Russian-speaking trainees from FTTM-XW (Warsaw Extension in Poland) were sent to Lille in northern France, near the border with Belgium, on three separate trips (April 8 to 15, May 11 to 18, and June 1 to 8). In addition to Lille being the location of our distribution warehouse, this region also has some Russian-speaking saints.

The goal of these trips was to till the soil, preparing the ground for the next stage, to strengthen the testimony there, and to encourage and refresh the local saints. More than 2,400 NTs were distributed and many contacts were made. The saints testified, “Our concept about French people being very closed was completely broken. We were so impressed by their openness, especially the young people, some were literally running to the table.” Hallelujah!

Please pray for:

- A lampstand to be raised up in Lille and a strong testimony in this city.

- Communications with the French authorities, that there would be no hindrances to the Lord's move.

- The follow-up shepherding of contacts from Lille and TR1–6 (Marseille, Montpellier, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Caen, Rennes, and Nantes), including a weekly Zoom seminar, through the coordination of both local and overseas saints.

  • Bibles for America

So far this year, Bibles for America has sent out over 65,000 free copies of the NT Recovery Version to people throughout the United States.
- Please pray that everyone who receives a copy would be helped to understand and experience the riches in God's Word.
- Pray that the recipients would grow in their faith and develop a taste for the ministry of life.


  • 2024 Olympics Torch Relay Gospel Trips

During the Olympic Torch Relay we are preparing to till the ground in many major cities along the route of the relay. We pray that during this time, Christ's triumphal procession will move from city to city all over France (2 Cor. 2:14). Since the goal of these trips is eventually to raise up lampstands in more French-speaking cities, following up with all the new contacts will be critical. This week, the fourth and fifth gospel trips are taking place, respectively, May 20 to 25 in Bordeaux and May 25 to 31 in Caen.

Please pray for:

- The fresh and detailed consecrations of all the saints going out.

- The Lord's casting “fire” on French-speaking Europe.

- Many divine appointments to take place for the Lord to gain local French speakers and their families.

- The Lord's testimony in Bordeaux to be strengthened and a lampstand in Caen to be raised up.

- The follow-up care of contacts from Marseille, Montpellier, and Toulouse, including a series of Zoom seminars beginning this weekend.


  • The World Situation

- Pray that the Lord will reign over every part of the world to bring in the situation that He desires so that the gospel can go forth and more people will be brought to Him and come to know His purpose.

- Pray that the saints everywhere will pray to carry out the church's prayer ministry so that the enemy will be bound and that God will have the free course to carry out His will on earth.

- Pray that as the Lord prepares the world situation for His return, the church as the Body of Christ will be build up, and as the Bride will make herself ready.

  • Young People

-Pray that the Lord will really go on in gaining the young people this year, that their subjective enjoyment of Him will increase, and that the church will become their home through their participation in the church life and the development of their personal relationships with one another and with other saints.

  • The various needs of the saints both locally and in other localities.

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