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Young People

Our youth ministry serves our junior-high and high-school students in the following ways:


  • Active, one-on-one spiritual shepherding and relationship-building

  • Prayer and Bible-reading partners

  • Weekly small-group gatherings with local college students and families throughout Boise

  • Semi-annual retreats and conferences with other students at a camp twice a year. Conferences are separate for junior high and high school and for boys and girls.

  • Annual summer Bible school with engaging Bible classes and fun activities.


Our hope is that during their teenage years, each of our children would personally receive the Lord as his or her Savior, have a meaningful baptism experience, develop a taste for the living Word of God, learn how to contact God in spirit and truthfulness, be preserved and sanctified in their personal lives, be built with others into the church, and grow in the divine life of God.


  • Small Group Meetings: Young people join families in small groups for meals and informal fellowship. This is a great way for teenage visitors to make friends with their peers.


  • Young People’s Meeting (6:30 PM, Saturday): All the young people come to eat together, sing and enjoy the Scriptures.


  • Young People’s Prophesying Meeting (11:30 AM, Lord’s Day): Young people, like young adults, join the together with everyone to share and speak their own personal enjoyment and experience of Christ.



YP Morning Revival -  LINK



Young people sometimes participate in fun activities in a nearby park or a week-long trip out of town. They sometimes blend with young people from other local churches.


We call our teens young people. Church workers devote much of their time to be their friends and guide them spiritually.

Aiding the transition from following Mom and Dad to following Christ personally—Weekly gatherings on Saturday evenings and Lord’s Day mornings. Spring and fall mountain retreats and a week long summer Bible camp are additional highlights of our youth fellowship.

This is our vision concerning our children and young people:

We are co-laboring with God to produce sons of God for the Body of Christ, and to consummate the New Jerusalem.

We're laboring to take all of our children in the old creation and to coordinate with the Lord to make them His children in the new creation.


We're laboring with the Lord for our children to receive the divine life and to remain in the church life their whole life and for them to make a strong decision to say: "I choose to be here! By the Lord's mercy I will be here my whole life because, positively, I see something of the vision of God's purpose; and negatively, I see that everything else is of vanity."


It is to this end that we labor, pray, fight, serve, and minister in one accord to our children, allowing the Love of God in Christ Jesus to flow to them through us. May the Lord bless all our children and young people and may He preserve them in His love and grace.

A Key Time

“As newborn babes, long for the guileless milk of the word in order that by it you may grow unto salvation, if you have tasted that the Lord is good.”

– 1 PETER 2:2-3


The junior-high-school and high-school years present a unique opportunity for young people to build a foundation as Christians who are a blessing to their families, friends, and communities for the rest of their lives. During this time, young believers begin to learn how to live Christ as their life through the practical application of key points in the Bible to their daily lives.

For a schedule of special events see the Meeting Calendar or the section of Upcoming Events

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