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Weekly Meetings


The following list of meetings my vary in time and location. Please contact the home in which meeting is held to confirm meeting.


Monday from 11:30 - 1 pm: College lunch. (No college lunch until the Fall semester start.)



1) 7 pm: Corporate prayer meeting at the meeting hall. All are welcome to come and pray.

2) The sister's morning meeting in May will be in Cecilia L. 's house.



1) Working sisters get together at Karin's home for dinner followed by reading "The Experience of Life".

 2) Children's Coordination meeting at Adriana's home at 7:30 pm. Watch video of Tom Goetz (about 30 minutes) followed by fellowship and prayer.


Thursday: College age dinner and sharing at a rotating schedule,'s at 6 pm. An excellent way for families to participate in the college work by providing a meal with one or two other families. Families not only provide food but are encouraged to stay and meet the students. Contact the food coordinator, Angela A., if you have a burden to help.

Friday: Spanish speaking meeting at Jaime's home at 7:30.  Reading "Morning Revival for new Believers" volume 1. Group sings, prays, read verses, study, and prophesy.

Saturday: High School and Junior High Meeting at Joe and Alison's home, 6:30 pm

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