Tithes, Donations, Payments, and Gifts can be made by:

1. Venmo App, please send to:  @ChurchinBoise (use mobile Venmo App -- No Fees)


2. Cash App, please send to:  $churchinBoise (use mobile Cash App -- 2.75% fee)


3. PaypalIf you have a Paypal account, you can send money to the church’s Paypal account. Be sure to use the “Send money to a friend” option so that the church does not get charged a 2.5% fee! Paypal gifts can be sent to churchinBoise@yahoo.comClick here for instructions on how to Send Money to a Friend for FREE with Paypal.

  • Tithe (General, LME, London Radio, etc)

  • Training (Live, Video, ITERO)

  • Gift (Another locality or person)


​4. Cash or check (No fees) - payable to "The church in Boise"

                          1301 Juanita Street

                          Boise, ID 83706

       Or deposit in the offering box at the meeting hall

Note: please indicate what the deposit is for:


               Training Donation

                  (Live or Video)


               London Radio

               Gift: the person's name

               Specific locality for .... (?)

               Retreat: Jr Hi, HS,

                  College, Sisters Conf

               Other: please specify