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"And that from a babe you have known the sacred writings, which are able to make you wise unto salvation through the faith which is in Christ Jesus". 2 Timothy 3:15


Babies and Toddlers: Our view is that these young children will grow up to be the future of our churches. Thus we invest time and energy to care for them in God’s tender love.


Weekly Meetings for Young Children


  • Small-Group Meetings (During the week): Young children come with their parents and join families in small groups too. Parents usually care for their nursing babes and toddlers while they are meeting and talking with others. Others may help care for the young to allow the parents to meet freely sometimes.

  • Nursery Room (10:00 AM, Lord’s Day): Some mothers and young women among us take turns to care for the young children so more parents can participate in the meeting. Our nursery has lots of toys to have fun with and a crib to fall asleep in.


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