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The Holy Word for Morning Revival

Vital Factors for the Recovery of the Church Life

April International Training for Elders and Responsible Ones

WEEK 1: Knowing the Truth, Being Absolute for the Truth and for Upholding the Absoluteness of the Truth, and Testifying to the Truth in the Present Age of the World

WEEK 2: The Factor of Closely Following the Completed Vision of the Age through the Ministry of the Age

WEEK 3: The Factor of the Church Being in the Triune God, the Local Churches Being Expressions of the Body of Christ, and the Believers Practicing...

WEEK 4: The Factor of Authority in the Body of Christ and in the Local Churches

WEEK 5: The Factor of the Genuine One Accord

WEEK 6: The Factor of Dealing with Our Natural Disposition for Our Growth in Life and Our Usefulness in Service

WEEK 7: The Factor of Blending for the Reality of the Body of Christ

WEEK 8: The Factor of Living an Overcoming Life in the Recovered Church to Consummate the Divine Economy and Become the New Jerusalem

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