December 2021 Semiannual Training

Crystallization-study of 1 & 2 Samuel.
December 23 -26 & 30, 2021 - Jan 2, 2022

The church in Boise will participate in the 2021 December Semiannual Training by video with the churches in the Mountain States region via Zoom.

The schedule will be December 23 -26 & 30, 2021 - Jan 2, 2022.

The video training donation is $125.00 USD per trainee before December 5, 2021, and goes up to $150 on December 6, 2021.

Living Stream has prepared a number of resources to help those who desire to attend this training to properly prepare themselves. click here to access them.

How we will carry out the December 2021 Semiannual Training.


1.     Although the video training messages for the December 2021 Semiannual Training are available for the saints to watch individually in their homes, the video training will still be conducted by the responsible ones.


2.    The responsible ones have fellowshipped and set scheduled dates and times that the video training messages will be watched just as they have for past video trainings. Since this is a training, those who register should be accountable to watch the messages on the date and at the time designated by the responsible ones in the locality.

3.    Outlines: Hard copies of the training outline will not be available for purchase. The PDFs of the training outline publication in all languages will be available to the registered trainees when they login to view the messages at Trainees may print a copy of the semiannual training outline for their personal participation in the training, but should not print or distribute additional copies without written permission from Living Stream Ministry. If you are unable to print your outlines, please contact your local Training Coordinator in advance, not the day of the message.

       Local Coordinators:

       Boise: Harold

       Lyman: Ron

       Payette: Bill

       Salt Lake City: Daniel

4.    We will be using Zoom to watch the messages together.  During this scheduled time, we will pray, sing, conduct testing, read verses, listen to the message, and prophesy. Attendance will be taken during the scheduled time. Login credentials will be assigned to each registered saint. This will allow you to watch any and all messages at any time (when its made available by LSM). Saints who do not watch a training message at the appointed time, will be counted absent for that message, even if they watch the message at an earlier or later date.

5.    “Shared seating” is NOT an option for this video training. Couples or saints living together may watch the messages together at home, but they should still register individually. For example, two saints watching together at home, whether full or part-time, would still be two registrants and require two video training donations. 


6.    The testing is an important part of the video training. Therefore it is important for the trainees to participate in a study time. We encourage trainees to study for at least an hour, if possible, and preferably with others when they can.

7.   You may register for the training as either full or part-time status

8.   Currently registered saints. If you do not see their name, remind them to register as soon as possible.

         Adriana Guevara

         Daniel Acevado

         David Hoekema

         Harold Alvarado

         Jaime Guevara

         Mengke Hu

         Tina Cui

Semiannual Training Schedule – December 2021

Thursday  12/23             7 PM  Message 1

Friday       12/24   9-10:15 AM  Corporate Study
(Observed Holiday)        4 PM  Message 2
                                          7 PM  Message 3


Saturday   12/25       9-11 AM  Corporate Study
                                          4 PM  Message 4
                                          7 PM  Message 5


Lord’s Day 12/26            4 PM  Message 6 with Testing

Thursday  12/30             7 PM  Message 7

Friday       12/31       9-11 AM  Corporate Study
(Observed Holiday)       4 PM  Message 8
                                         7 PM  Message 9


Saturday      1/1       9-11 AM  Corporate Study
                                        4 PM  Message 10
                                        7 PM  Message 11


Lord’s Day   1/2             4 PM  Message 12 with Testing