The Holy Word for Morning Revival



Semiannual Training
(July 4-9, 2022)
  1. The Intrinsic Revelation in 1 and 2 Kings concerning the Economy of God Unveiled and Conveyed through Typology

  2. Four Crucial Journeys to Enter into the Ministry of the Age by Closely Following the Minister of the Age with the Vision of the Age

  3. Elisha Being a Type of Christ in His Ministry of Grace in Life and as a Man of God Behaving Himself as God’s Representative, as the Acting God

  4. Solomon’s Splendid Kingdom Typifying Christ’s Kingdom in the Millennium

  5. Natural Ability versus the Resurrected Ability of the Maturity of Life for the Building Up of the Church as the Organic Body of Christ

  6. Going On with the Lord from the Tabernacle Church Life to the Temple Church Life for the Building Up of the Body of Christ as the Temple of the Living God

  7. The Intrinsic Significance of the Materials of the Temple

  8. Growing into a Holy Temple in the Lord

  9. The Temple of God Filled with the Glory of God

  10. The Lord’s Recovery—to Build Up Zion

  11. Apostasy, the High Places, and the Recovery of the Genuine Ground of Oneness

  12. Living an Overcoming Life by Reigning in Life to Become the New Jerusalem as the City of Life

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