The Holy Word for Morning Revival

Crystallization Study of Job, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes


Week 1 – The Great Question in the Book of Job and the Great Answer

Week 2 – God, Man, and Satan

Week 3 – Job’s Experience of God’s Consuming and Stripping in the Old Testament being

                 Far Behind that of Paul in the New Testament

Week 4 – Job and the Two Trees

Week 5 – God’s Intention with Job – a Good Man Becoming a God-man

Week 6 – Gaining God to be Transformed by God for the Purpose of God

Week 7 – The Intrinsic Divine Revelation concerning the Move of God with and among Men

                  in the Old Testament and concerning the Move of God in Man in the New 

                  Testament to Accomplish God’s Heart’s Desire and to Meet Man’s Need before


Week 8 – The Multifarious Wisdom of God

Week 9 – Reading the Book of Proverbs with a Praying Spirit So That It Will Render Us

                 Nuggets and Gems to Strengthen Our Life of Pursuing Christ for the Fulfillment

                 of God’s Economy

Week 10 – Living a Godly Life

Week 11 – The Intrinsic Significance of Fearing the Lord in the Economy of God

Week 12 – Vanity of Vanities, the Reality in Jesus, and the Revelation of the Sons of God

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