Holy Word for Morning Revival on,
Crystallization Study of Jeremiah and Lamentations

2020 June Semiannual Training

Week 1: Jeremiah, the Tenderhearted Prophet of the Tenderhearted God

Week 2: The Kernel of the Book of Jeremiah

Week 3: The Two Evils of God’s People and God’s Faithfulness in Fulfilling His Economy

Week 4: God’s Words – the Divine Supply as Food

Week 5: God as Our Sovereign Potter Making Us His Vessels, His Containers, to Contain Him

Week 6: The Principle of Being One with God as Revealed in the Book of Jeremiah

Week 7: Knowing Jehovah, the Eternal God, in His Lovingkindness, Compassions, and Faithfulness

Week 8: God’s Economy with His Dispensing in the Book of Jeremiah

Week 9: God’s Judgement upon Egypt and Babylon

Week 10: The Promise, the Prophecy, the Remnant, and the Recovery

Week 11: Shepherds according to God’s Heart

Week 12: Experiencing and Enjoying the Contents of the New Covenant according to Our Spiritual Experience for the Accomplishment of God’s Economy

Crystallization Study of Jeremiah and Lamentations
Key Statements

Jehovah is the tenderhearted God,

and in being tenderhearted,

Jeremiah was absolutely one with God;

thus, God could use the prophet Jeremiah,

an overcomer, to express Him, speak for Him,

and represent Him, even in his weeping.


Jeremiah, a book full of speaking concerning

Israel’s sin and God’s wrath,

chastisement, and punishment,

reveals that God’s intention in His economy

is to be the fountain, the source, of living waters

to dispense Himself into His chosen people

for their satisfaction and enjoyment

with the goal of producing the church,

God’s counterpart, as God’s increase,

God’s enlargement, to be God’s fullness

for His expression.


God is eternal and immutable,

not subject to any change

due to the environment and circumstances, and

God’s throne is the throne of His eternal

and unchanging government; in his speaking

about God’s eternal being and throne,

Jeremiah came out of his human feelings,

touched God’s person and God’s throne,

and entered into God’s divinity.


God as our Potter has sovereignly created us

to be His vessels, His containers, to contain

Himself according to His predestination;

God’s purpose in creating man was to make man

His vessel, His earthenware container,

to contain and be filled with Christ as life

for the building up of the Body of Christ

as God’s great corporate vessel for His expression.


As the Shepherd according to God’s heart,

Christ, the great Shepherd of the sheep,

is continuing His shepherding by incorporating

the apostolic ministry with His heavenly ministry

to shepherd God’s flock;

in the Lord’s recovery today, we need to realize

that the shepherding that builds up

the Body of Christ is a mutual shepherding,

and we need to shepherd one another

according to God, taking all-inclusive,

tender care of the flock.


In order to be one with God,

we need Christ as the Shoot of David

to be our redemption and justification;

this ushers the Triune God into us to be our life,

our inner life law, our capacity,

and our everything to dispense Himself

into our being to carry out His economy;

this is the new covenant,

in which we can know God, live God,

and become God in life and in nature

but not in the Godhead so that we may become

His corporate expression as the New Jerusalem.

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