The Holy Word for Morning Revival

International Training for Elders and Responsible Ones—October 2021

  1. God’s Need in the Present Age

  2. God’s Good Pleasure

  3. The Need to Develop Our Faith in the Lord and Our Love for Him

  4. Prayer to Absorb God and to Express God by Praying to God as a Friend So That We Can Co-work with God

  5. Our Need to Walk in Newness of Life, to Serve in Newness of Spirit, and to Be Renewed in Our Inner Man Day by Day

  6. Entering into Christ’s Wonderful Shepherding in His Heavenly Ministry to Shepherd the Church of God as a Slave of God for the Fulfillment of the Dream of God

  7. Our Need to Labor on the All-inclusive Christ to Have the Produce to Exhibit Christ in the Church and to Have a Surplus of Christ to Bring to the Church Meetings for the Corporate Worship of God Our Father

  8. Taking, Experiencing, and Enjoying Christ as Our King, Our Lord, Our Head, and Our Husband for the Building Up of the Body of Christ to Consummate the New Jerusalem

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Vital Factors for the Recovery of the Church Life

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