IHWMR: Crystallization-Study of Numbers (3)
2019 July Semiannual Training

  1. Week 13: A Vital Sketch of the Divine Revelation in the Books of Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers concerning God’s Economy with His Chosen and Redeemed People

  2. Week 14: The Growth and Maturity Required for the Formation of the Army to Protect God’s Testimony and Fight for His Move on Earth

  3. Week 15: The Change of Our Diet to the Heavenly Christ as the Reality of the Heavenly Manna So That We May Be Reconstituted with Christ to Become God’s Dwelling Place

  4. Week 16: Speaking to the Rock to Drink of the Spirit as the Water of Life and Digging the Well to Allow the Spirit as the Water of Life to Flow Freely within Us

  5. Week 17: The Water for Impurity

  6. Week 18: Christ as Typified by the Bronze Serpent

  7. Week 19: The All-inclusive Christ Being the Allotted Portion of the Saints, according to God’s Choice, as Their Divine Inheritance for Their Enjoyment

  8. Week 20: Authority, Rebellion, the Vindication of Delegated Authority, and a Proper Representative of God

  9. Week 21: Moses Desiring That All Jehovah’s People Would Be Prophets

  10. Week 22: Christ as the Star out of Jacob

  11. Week 23: The Vision of the All-sufficient One — the Divine View of God’s People

  12. Week 24: The Necessity of Spiritual Warfare and God’s People Formed into an Army Ready for Battle


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Crystallization-Study of Numbers (2) – Key Statements

The entire Bible shows us one thing — God’s intention is to have a people formed into an army to take Christ as their meaning of life, testimony, center, Leader, way, and goal and to proceed on and fight for God so that He may have a people built up as His kingdom and His house, which will consummate in the New Jerusalem.


In the Lord’s recovery today, there is an urgent need for the growth and maturity in life required for the formation of God’s army to protect God’s testimony and fight for His move on earth.


By Christ being lifted up on the cross as the bronze serpent, Satan’s increase has become Christ’s increase, His bride; we who were once the increase of Satan have been regenerated to become the increase of Christ.


There are two great principles in the universe—God’s authority and Satan’s rebellion—and the unique conflict between God and Satan concerns authority and rebellion; we must contend with Satan by asserting that authority is with God, setting ourselves to submit to God’s authority, and upholding God’s authority.


The living stars give heed to the prophetic word of the Scriptures”as to a lamp shining in a dark place” so that Christ as the morning star rises in their hearts day by day; if we give heed to the word in the Bible, which shines as a lamp in a dark place, we will have His rising in our hearts to shine in the darkness of apostasy where we are today, before His actual appearing as the morning star.


In the Lord’s recovery we are on a battlefield engaging in spiritual warfare; we need to see that the formation of the children of Israel into an army to fight for God typifies the New Testament believers’ being built up into the organic Body of Christ to fight for God and with God for the carrying out of His economy.


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